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The third week in April was very busy and exciting for Friends of Beltzville State park.

Early in April members decided to create a new, more manageable pollinator garden instead of attempting to resurrect the previous, much larger butterfly garden. The new garden would be created adjacent to the Environmental Interpretive Center building, where a water faucet is handy. On April 23 we started sod removal and rescued some remaining plants from the old garden. The following day a group of High School students from Student Forum, with a focus on community service, removed trail rocks from the old garden and moved them to the new location. The old garden fence was dismantled, and topsoil was acquired for the new garden.

Garden work was put aside on April 25th for members to fill 7 large bags with litter from Pohopoco Drive as part of the national Great American Cleanup day. In spite of the threat of rain, and with the assistance of a group of volunteers from the local Latter Day Saints Church, 

we roto-tilled the soil, added weed cover and mulch and replaced the rock borders around the garden and building. The transplanting of the rescued plants from the old garden and the survival of the baby bunny nest along the back wall of the Center took place without the threatened rain.

What a great week!

For more infomation about Pollenator Week, FOBSP Pollenator Garden or if you would like to help in this on-going project, please contact

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